captains log Tuesday 7:59 pm

How super fantastic and happy that you stopped in to stopped into look at my work and got into the blog! Well welcome, I am a geeky, starving artist type who loves to meet new people, likes long mornings with coffee and my pups; being a photographer is an extension of myself and how interact with the world.

Just a short synopsis of me, is after an cancer diagnosis along with the diagnosis of a rare disease, I realized that not only did photography focus my mind and spirit on the beautiful things as opposed to the world around me...I was also good at it.

I want to create, I want to capture, and most of all, I want to do it with my fellow human beings, because the life we have is just a blink. So now you see what is my Frame in Focus.

Call me about your project. Let's make magic

#FrameinFocus #coffee #realtalk #cancer

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