Photographer Bucket List

Hey yall,

I haven't written a whole lot in the past year and it is part of my personal growth goals as well as my business goals to develop a habit of writing on this blog. I want my clients to become friends as well as trust me to come back year to year. So forgive my grammar, this is a long term ideal and I will be improving as the year progresses. So the bucket list, I have a few things I want to capture, in no certain order as I progress on my walk in this business.

1. self portrait series, flaws and all, before I lose all this weight AND after.

2. a family portrait series of both sides of my family (y'all-my life is a southern gothic novel, this will be hard)

3. Kids jumping in a crazy big bed

4. An engagement session in a Target

5. A surprise proposal (DragonCon attendees-Y'all hear me?)

6. Sunsets in the following places, San Fransisco, Lake Tahoe, New Mexico-Texas-Etc Desert, Salt Lake City, Anywhere in Colorado, Chicago, Niagara Falls, Sydney Australia or Spain.

7. The museums in London. Like all of them. Or just London. I am the biggest anglophile for someone who has never been there.

8. The le mans or some other really neat NOT NASCAR race :D

9. Widespread Panic, Greensky Bluegrass or String Cheese Incident from the pit or on stage.

10. Sailboats and more oceans

11. Mountains

12. More kids features like hands and feet so I can develop a series to have for them as they get older

13. More people in their zone who are writers, painters, musicians or even grassroots politicians. I want to capture people while they are practicing their passions.

14. More rare disease survivors with their families (#cowdenssyndrome)

15. Birds. Wildlife. But in particular birds, I have not mastered, maybe I need different lens but GOSH!

Make it a great week (end) friends! -akf

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