What have I been doing? (not blogging)

With the Atlanta Film Festival a month behind me and Orange Blossom Jamboree still sore in my lower back, I have been putting myself out there as much as I can with my camera in the past two months. I have worked as a photographer for the Atlanta Film Festival for the past 2 years and while I am absorbing every bit I can about that industry, I still have not seen a way for me to get my idea of a film together. More study in the how is needed I tell myself, while most filmmaker's would just tell me "DO IT!" But I enjoyed the heck out of myself this year and maybe one day I can get that set job to help pay the bills of this starving artist.

I won't bog down this post too much however with the photos, I will send you straight away to the Atlanta Film Festival Facebook page for galleries of all the goodness (https://www.facebook.com/pg/atlantafilmfestival/photos/?tab=albums)

Some of my favorite films I saw over ATLFF2018 included Cabeza Madre, 306 Hollywood, Along Came The Devil (also known as Tell me your name) and Won't You Be My Neighbor. Make sure to check them out if you can

Obviously, it is not all my work on there but I am tagged all sorts of places. :D More to come later today about Orange Blossom Jamboree!

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