July Real Talk Check

What an interesting few weeks. I had lost my focus a bit, as another anxious round of tests came around with my health. It's terrible difficult not to just hyperventilate into a bag when a doctor doesn't immediately go, "oh it's no big deal, or or it's XYZ". I don't know if it ever get's easier with a chronic issue like a PTEN mutation and Cowdens Syndrome. With my own cancer issues, I might could learn to deal but ovarian cancer ravaged my mother. It is a journey and that journey ended for her on July 3rd. My birthday is July 4th.

<insert sigh>

Anxiety makes some people freak out and run around. Me, it literally shuts me down..So I am working on new ways to keep my focus and move on. One thing has been the Pomodoro Technique. I am seeing very good results. Time management is essential to keeping me moving in positive directions. I encourage all my friends to check it out.


I have had wonderful things happen all around me in the past few weeks and rewiring myself to get past things that used to take me much much longer to deal with. Learning how to ignore and creating my own sunshine.

This article on me with VoyageAtl.Com was a bit of sunshine!



So a few things happening for me and Frame in Focus this month.

1. A Birthday!

2.Music Festival under my belt (Heavy Rebel Weekend)

3. https://www.amazon.com/Rokinon-Ultra-Fisheye-Nikon-Cameras/dp/B00PDHY22C

(A Big purchase for me, a new lens, I am holding on to hoping that Amazon Prime day will lower the price a bit :D)

4. A real life job doing real estate photography! Ya.

5. I ordered some strange props on Wish.Com I am super excited about some things I am going to make.

Outlaw Ritual At The Heavy Rebel Weekender

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