Purple rain and shooting concerts

Very much have this on repeat as I go through a session from earlier in the month's edits. There is little more pleasing to me as an artist to see the progression of my work from different time frames....and you guys, this progression is a leap-IN LIKE 2 WEEKS!

(Sidenote, that thumbnail really does look like Dave Chapelle!!!).

I consider myself a music nerd of the highest caliber not to play an instrument, and learning how to make a show something static and visual for later viewing is not easy. If it's too static, you don't get that energy of what the show was, and if it's too much-it's a false representation of the artist.

So that being said, crank up your favorite track and go over to my facebook (www.facebook.com/frameinfocusphoto) to check out my latest gallery. Copy the link below into your browser address bar for a direct link.


^Direct link.

Then give me another few days on the show I shot this week. Seriously, give me till the weekend for some next level goodness. I am so stoked as possible. Sooooo....If you haven't liked me over there, give me a poke, thumbsup, virtual highfive or whatever you do and I look forward to seeing you in the real world soon.


#cabinfever #livemusic #concertphotography #purplerain #levelup

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